My comedy short Two Man’s Land was just given the Special Jury Award for Artistic Achievement at the Baltimore Comedy Festival. It’s also being screened at the Discover Film Awards, and received a Highest Commendation at the London Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival.(Dir. Matt Holt, starring Nathan Byron and Harry Jardine)

As well as it being my profession, comedy writing is my one and nearly only passion. The others are dinosaurs and inexpensive horror films. Along with a writing partner, I have written and produced loads of sketches, and I’m proud to continually write and produce sketches that have a good fanbase.

Here is another short which I co-wrote and directed, starring the incomparable Alistair Green and the tremendous Ben Green:

Gillian MacGregor, Kelly Wines, and Ben Green (again!) star in this short I co-wrote and directed about a very peculiar killing spree in the city…

Never one not to get my hands dirty, I have occasionally been known to roll my sleeves up and get in front of the camera. Here I am winding up Antony Cotton on ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’